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My life experience was framed around my vision and passion for mentoring young people and adults, encouraging them to actively use their talents and gifts. Samuel Boruszko.

Samuel is a violin/viola, clarinet and saxophone player, orchestral conductor, choir director, a composer and an arranger, he has an extensive list of compositions and/or arrangements ranging from classical, popular, world music, symphonic, choral works and worship music.


Pedro Eustache

My name is Pedro Eustache. I am an award-wining professional musician established in Los Angeles, USA. I confirm that I have known Maestro Samuel Boruszko for more than 35 years both professionally and personally. We worked together as founder members of “El Sistema”, the famous, internationally acclaimed system of Youth & Children Orchestras created by Dr. Abreu and better known through world renown Mtro. Gustavo Dudamel and his work with Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra. It is then with the utmost pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Samuel Boruszko, an extraordinary musician and performer, and close personal friend for many years. Mr. Boruszko is a Venezuelan-born soloist with a rich and well-documented international career and reputation, with an unquestionable extraordinary ability consequence of his God-given talent and intense dedication, determination and single minded pursuit of greatness in his art. Mr. Boruszko is a complete and professional artist of the highest caliber, reliable, hard-working, and specially highly motivated. His artistic endeavor is cemented on a strong musical knowledge in theory, harmony, counterpoint, composition, music history and music appreciation. He is also very well trained in the area of Orchestra Conducting, and Chamber music coaching. He has conducted highly professional musicians like the Simón Bolivar Symphonic Orchestra as well as groups formed by young musicians and adults. Mr. Boruszko has conducted different ensembles including choirs, string Quartets, brass and woodwind ensembles with and without soloists, and other chamber music ensembles, in different styles--from baroque & earlier periods!--to the contemporary, passing through the classics & romantic composers of the great western classical music tradition. On top of that, he is extremely well versed in all the sacred musical literature of the Christian evangelical musical tradition, sadly almost completely disappeared nowadays. He is an excellent viola player with many years of professional orchestral experience, performing the great works for orchestra by the great composers. He also has been teaching to young and adults for many years. Mr. Boruszko's multifaceted musical capabilities are only equaled by sincere humility. Mr. Boruszko is a responsible, honest, and courteous man. He has both a tremendous gifting as well as a great sense of urgency to openly share it with others: he is a great educator! He is also an exceedingly respectful man, with great manners and sound moral behavior, direct reflection of his artistic, more than evident, abilities. I am a personal witness to these traits, for, again, I have known him for more than 35 years as a man of integrity and sound principles. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend Maestro Samuel Boruszko as an outstanding extraordinary musician and artist.
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